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Rebel Roundup - December 8, 2010

Urban Meyer is Out, Mullen's Probably on the Way In |
Why even do a link dump when this is, by far, the biggest news and, really, the only news worth mentioning in the college football world. The coaching carosel heats up once more and, boy, is it ever a doozy. Pitt, Miami, and Florida are all looking for coaches right now (the vacancies at IU and Minnesota were fairly quietly filled last week) meaning that, pretty much regardless of whoever they all hire, a lot of dominoes are going to fall before all of this is said and done. Naturally, Dan Mullen is atop the list of potential Florida candidates and, at this point, I'd be shocked if he didn't take it. Who I think they should take, though, is HOUSTON NUTT AND TYRONE NIX TAKE THEM YOU CAN SO HAVE THEM DO IT!

Powe Named to Coaches All-SEC Team | Veaze
Good for you, Jerrell. Have fun in the NFL.

Murrah's Nelson Finding Niche at Ole Miss | Veaze once more
This is a pretty excellent little bit of information about and from Cous Cous.

Nelson is part of a tandem of Jackson metro area players in last year’s signing class, joining Yazoo City big man Demarco Cox. Nelson said before he arrived at Ole Miss, his friends in Jackson asked him why he was going there. "More people are wanting to come now," he said. "Once they see me, Demarco, now you have Jarvis (Summers, a signee) from Provine, a couple more Mississippi kids that signed, they feel like it’s a more comfortable school you can come to ever since we kind of like started a trend."

That's huge, and that's thanks to AK.

College Football HoF Atlanta Set to Open in March 2013 |
Woooooooooo! RoAd TrIp!1