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Rebel Roundup - December 6, 2010

Powe Turning Pro(we) | Veazey
The corny headline is all me so, please, spare Veaze your ire. Jerrell Powe, perhaps one of the most simultaneously frustrating and beloved Ole Miss Rebels ever, will forego his "senior" season for the NFL draft. More on this to come, I imagine.

Let the Colonel Reb Meltdown Commence | Roll Bama Roll
Outsidethesidelines, a presumptuous Schadenfreude whore, has produced plenty of laughs, LOLs, and Lulzs over at Roll Bama Roll with his weekly meltdown posts which, in a fashion similar to Message Board Idiots (talk about a segment we haven't done in a while), chronicles the wrath of recently defeated fan bases. This isn't one of those posts, but his use of the term in the title shows that he knows that a lot of Rebel fans are (rightfully) pretty damned upset with how this season turned out.

Of course, he uses typical Alabaman ad hominem jabs and, along with the commenters, misses the points or nuances of a lot of things Ole Miss related but, whaddaya want, they're college football fans hanging out on the internet so there's little regarding standards or understanding to expect out of them anyway.

Rebels Get Three Juco Commits |
Three defensive backs, all of which aren't really that stellar regarding overall measurables and offer sheets, committed to play for the Rebels next season. I guess the "oh hell we just need some warm bodies" strategy is good enough at this point, consiering how atrocious our secondary play has been for the past few seasons. Also, sources tell the Cup that the coaches are looking to ink a Juco quarterback and some juco defensive linemen. All of this, this mad scramble for players to fill in spots next season, is hardly a good sign.

Rebels Edge Southern Miss in Oxford | Hattiesburg Sports Examiner
You could read this, or you could just scroll down to Juco's recap. Your call. Up next for the Roundball Rebs: UALR in LIttle Rock.

Rebels Bow Out of NCAA Tournament after 3-1 Loss to UNC |
Well, Volleyball, at least you won more matches than you lost this season... Say, when does tennis start back up?