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Rebel Roundup - December 3, 2010


Nutt and Rebels have fighting chance in 2011 | The Daily Mississippian
Errr... Probably not. More from the Cup on what we expect to see in 2011's installment of Ole Miss football to come in, oh, five or six months I'd imagine.


Cam Newton Ruling Opens Up New Problem for College Football | The Wall Street Journal
It's important to note, during all of the speculation and condemnation over the NCAA's recent ruling on Cam Newton's case, that this isn't over yet. The investigation is still ongoing and final rulings may still be pending. Having that said, the Wall Street Journal nails this one, pointing out the dangerous precedent set forth by the NCAA concluding that, despite Cecil Newton openly admitting to pimping his son's football skills for cash, Cam is allowed to remain eligible to play for Auburn because they cannot yet find proof that Cam nor Auburn knew of Cecil's assclownery. Now, if you, the NCAA, or anyone else actually believes that Cam and Auburn are entirely innocent here, then you're too naive for your own good - but I know why the NCAA did what they did. If they cannot prove anything right away, then they'd be foolish to make a harsh ruling one way or another. But, if this is the end of the Cameron Newton situation, then you're gonna see a LOT of five-star recruits "unknowingly" and openly shopped around by their friends, families, and high school coaches.

State's White wins Conerly Trophy | Desoto Times Tribune
For the third season in a row, an Ole Miss Rebel did not win the Charlie Conerly Trophy, an award which (and you should know this) is named after an Ole Miss Rebel and given to the best college football player in the state of Mississippi. The Cup's candidate, Casey Therriault of Jackson State, is likely super pissed about this some where.

Red Wolves name Freeze as head football coach | The Baxter Bulletin
Hugh Freeze, the former Ole Miss Wide Receivers coach and high school coach of Michael Oher, was named yesterday as the Arkansas State Red Wolves head coach. If our administration and coaching staffs weren't shortsighted or stubborn, we'd have named the guy our OC a while ago. He'd have been better than Kent Austin and Dave Rader (The latter not being much of an indicator of anything. There are homeless people who could outcoach Rader.) but, don't take my word for it; take Michael Oher's.

Fan Confidence Poll
Have you been voting all season long in our fan confidence poll? If you haven't, I don't know why; the thing was on the top left side of the page. Anyway, I've attached it to the morning's news and notes. Our season's results are pretty telling. We were excited early on about Masoli's clearance and defensive potential, only to see everything come miserably crashing down around the Tennessee game.