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Rebel Roundup - December 22, 2010

Rebels Open Cancun Governor's Cup Against Texas State |
If we don't win this stupid little tournament then we don't deserve even an NIT bid. I'm serious. The best teams this tournament features aside from the Rebels are a couple of teams which we've already beaten and a mediocre Colorado State sqad. Remember last year's Puerto Rico Tipoff where we played Indiana, Kansas State, and Villanova? Those are the types of tournaments I want our basketball team in, not this dumb thing in Cancun (I say that now but, if you look at the field for next year's tournament, you'll see that they plan on taking this one kinda sorta seriously in the future).

CSU's Ogide excited for chance to play former school | The Denver Post
Remember Andy Ogide (pronounced OH-gih-dee), the lanky forward who Andy Kennedy didn't give much in the way of playing time because he wasn't really all that good anyway? He then transferred to Colorado State? Yeah, now you know who I'm talking about. Well he's grown a bit and is now third in PPG and RPG in the Mountain West Conference. I'd like to see how well he performs against the Rebs if we're to play the Rams in the next round.

Ranking the SEC coaching jobs in 2010 | SEC Blog - ESPN
Houston Nutt is, very deservedly, last.

SEC's highest paid assistants | SEC Blog - ESPN
Wanna see something else from Chris Low that may provoke you to punch a hole through your monitor? Tyrone Nix was the 9th highest paid coordinator in America last year, good for 6th in the SEC and tied with Gus Malzhan... What we paid for Tyrone Nix to do, Auburn paid Malzhan to (very much) do (over and over again in brutal fashion).

And, to add fuel to the "well, this sucks" fire...
Gerrod Holliman
and Andrew Johnson, two highly-touted defensive backs - you know, those things that we need more of - who have been committed to the Rebels for months, just de-committed from the Rebels this morning.