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Rebel Roundup - December 20, 2010

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Ole Miss Holds Down ETSU, 71-50 | Corporate HeadquartersJuco already wrote about it (look out below) and Buster has given us the +/- so, at this point, the corporate link here is just a formality.

If Ole Miss really is emerging as the West’s top team, what does that mean? | Veazey
This weekend, the Rebels took care of business against ETSU while the rest of the SEC West tallied a loss. To be fair, the Bulldogs lost to a bubble-ish Virginia Tech team, the Razorbacks lost to a Texas A&M team which did make the tournament last year, and the Crimson Tide lost to a good enough Oklahoma State team, so such losses are entirely accpetable. But Auburn losing to Presbytarian? LSU losing to Wichita State? The SEC West is arguably (or maybe not... who would argue the contrary?) the worst group of six teams from any major conference which leads Kyle Veazey to ask, while Ole Miss looks to be the class of the West right now, what exactly does that mean? Remember, the Rebels have won the SEC West twice under Andy Kennedy only to miss out on the NCAA Tournament.

Southern Miss, Ole Miss, among teams in Cancun Tournament |
If you need evidence of the deterioration of the smaller newspaper market (why?), look no further than this advertisement riddled blurb on the Cancun Tournament thing that our men's basketball team will be a part of over the next week. This tournament isn't as relevant or exciting as the tournament in which our Rebels participated last season (if you'll recall, the Rebs beat an excellent Kansas State team before falling in a close game to a very good Villanova team) but, hey, it's a tournament in Mexico so, at the very least, Andy Kennedy's excited. The Rebels will open against Texas State and things can only get more exciting from there (can they?) as the field of participants include Southern Miss and ETSU - both which have already lost to the Rebs - Northeastern, Colorado State, Appalacian State, and St. Louis... Sheesh. Oh, and for some reason, ESPN has a poll up as to who you think will win this tournament and be named its MVP. Ole Miss and Chris Warren are both out ahead in their respective categories with respectable margins but, if you'd like to help, click hyah.

GET IT BECAUSE IT'S A BEER REFERENCE!?! Mikhail Miller, a quarterback commit out of Itawamba Agricultural High School, played very well in this past weekend's Bernard Blackwell Football Classic which, for the uninitiated, is a Mississippi All-Star game of sorts.

2010 All-Metro Team | The Clarion-Ledger
Lots of Rebel recruits and commits are on this list, including the gargantuan offensive linemen from from Callaway HS Justin Bell who, apparently, doesn't like taking photographs with his shirt on.