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Rebel Roundup - December 2, 2010

Look out for Southern Miss | The Veaze Knees
The Rebels take on the Golden Eagles of S, O-U, T-H-E-R-N, Southern Mississippi, USM (!) this Saturday in what is looking like a big out of conference matchup for the roundball Rebs. The Golden Eagles, led by Larry "Sippin' and Dippin' and Trippin' " Eustachy, are 5-0 on the year, but haven't yet had the a test quite like what they'll face in the confines of the Tad Pad this Saturday. More to come on this from One Man and Juco.

Ole Miss coach Nutt says he's had no contact with Colorado officials about job | The Commercial Appeal
Seriously, he hasn't. Or, hell, maybe he has but, at this point, I think we'd know whether or not he was Colorado bound.

Report: Les Miles No Longer Interested, Jim McElwain Interviews | The Ralphie Report
Speaking of the Colorado job... Was Les Miles ever interested? No Nutt and no Miles (still don't know where that comes from) for the Buffs, but Jim McElwain, Alabama's offensive coordinator, has supposedly interviewed for the UC job. Whatever happens, it'll have an impact on the SEC West's coaching in some form or fashion.

Nutt reflects on 2010, pledges 'attention to detail' | Neal McReady
Here's some free Rivals content for ya. From Neal McReady comes a pretty comprehensive rundown of Nutt's end of the year presser where he stresses discipline, addresses shortcomings, and kinda sorta vaguely hints at the future. Don't wanna read that? Well there's vidya here.