+/- Numbers from ETSU


Juco did a great job summing up the game from yesterday. Buckner was a monster and Chris was efficient, but it was Terrance Henry leading the way yesterday with a +27 in only 25 minutes yesterday before fouling out.

Here are the numbers from yesterday...


Henry +27
Gaskins +24
Warren +23
Buckner +17
N Williams +9
Graham +8
Nelson +1
Bogan 0
Cox -4

This is the fourth straight great game for Trevor. Through 5 games, we were -10 with him on the floor. Over the last four, we're +81. While he struggled mightily from the field yesterday, it's clear that nobody likes to be guarded by him. Mike Smith's technical foul yesterday was for shoving Trevor. He's an agitator and if there's a better rebounding 6' guard in the country, I'd like to see it. His recent emergence has been a key component of the improved play since the Miami debacle.

Terrance was particularly dominant yesterday, despite being plagued - again - by foul trouble. We outscored ETSU 48-21 with him on the floor. Chris had a 3rd straight solid outing. With ETSU almost exclusively in a variety of zone denses, his 6 threes opened up the lane for Terrance and Zach to hit a bunch of runners in the lane or find Buckner for a dunk. Yesterday was as crisp as our zone offense has looked in a while, which a good sign as we're going to face a lot of it this year.

For the season, the numbers look like this...


Buckner +86
Gaskins +71
Graham +66
Henry +63
N Williams +63
Warren +59
Short +32
Nelson +16
D Williams +6
Bogan -4
Cox -13

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