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Would you like two things with which you could occupy your Friday evenings? Good, because I've got that. First, I'll be appearing on the Sports Talk with Richard Cross show again this evening at 4:30 (that's probably on your local sports or talk affiliate if you're in MS) to talk about Ole Miss Rebel football recruiting. Then, at 5:30 central, get your drinks poured extra stout and extra early because Richard Muscles of Blogosphere and Twitterati fame will join Ivory Tower and I for a special edition of Red Cup Radio. We'll spend about a half-hour picking the bowls and another half-hour hating on people so, really, there's not a better way for any of us to kick off our weekends, now is there?

So, don't forget - 4:30 with Richard Cross, 5:30 here with Rick Muscles. Chat link is here. Listening Widget is below.

"Wednesdays at eight... except for the occasional Friday at 5:30."