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Rebel Roundup - December 14, 2010

Ole Miss 101, MVSU 69 |
Delta Devils, you've been Flagshipp'd. The Rebels cruised to a dominating win over The Valley last night behind six different roundballers - Chris Warren, Trevor Gaskins, Terrence Henry, Nick Williams, Demarco Cox, and Dundrecous Nelson - earning double digits. How dominant were the Rebs, you may wonder? Will Bogan played some ball for us last night... in the first half.

Backup Bigs Show Promise | Veazewhizz
Demarco Cox and Steadman Short have showed that they're more than capable of playing basketball in the up-tempo, aggressive Andy Kennedy coached system. Together, they accounted for 18 of the Rebels 101 points in limited minutes but they've still got room to improve. The Rebels are currently last in the SEC in rebounding margin.

SBN's Bracketology | Blogging the Bracket
Chris Dobbertean, SBNation's resident bracketologist (who you should really be following on Twitter if you're into college hoops), has the Rebels as an 11-seed right now. We'll keep you updated of the various bracketologies throughout the season, sorta.

Eustachy: Bulldogs and Eagles Should Meet On the Court | The Sun Herald
Yeah, Stansbury, why ain't you schedulin' the Golden Eagles, huh?! YOU SCARED?! SMTTT! (But, for realsies, Eustachy is a talented coach who is finally putting together a competitive team in Hattiesburg. It's probably going to help our RPI to have had them on the schedule.)

Quarterback Zack Stoudt Commits to Ole Miss | Rock Chalk Talk
It was down to KU and Ole Miss for the former Louisville signalcaller out of [some junior college in Iowa] college, with the Rebels bettering the Jayhawks for the quarterback's commitment. Juco and I don't really know why we went after this guy but, hey, he's a warm body who maybe can throw things so I guess we'll take him. Welcome aboard, Zack! We're probably going to make fun of you a lot!

Rival Coaches Mention Ku Klux Klan in Recruiting | Mr. SEC
Oh, you don't say. And many of our most stubborn of fans still wonder why we've tried our damnedest to move away from Dixie, the Confederate flag, et cetera.

Recruits Shine at MS/AL All Star Game |
A guy named Andrew Bone wrote this. If you snickered at that, I'll forgive you; I did the same. Alabama won the Mississippi vs. Alabama All Star Classic this past weekend, with the game having to go into double overtime to determine the victor. Snoop Brassell and Kendrick Market, both State commitments (bUt NoT fOr LoNg!1 /omspirit/d) scored Mississippi's touchdowns in regulation.