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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Mississippi Valley State Something-or-others

The Ole Miss Rebels take on a 1-6 Mississippi Valley State Delta Devil team that sits in the 200s in RPI. Essentially, we need to win this one by thirty points in order to avoid a win killing our RPI. A loss would be devastating.

Ole Miss is officially entering the stretch of our schedule where one loss will be crippling. Our remaining non-conference opponents are Mississippi Valley State (1-6), a decent East Tennessee State team (4-4), Texas State (2-5), Alcorn State (0-8), Southeastern Louisiana (5-2), SMU (5-4), and whoever we play in the Cancun tournament. Not exactly awe-inspiring.

Click the jump for my thoughts on the game.

Mississippi Valley gets a good bit of their 59 points per game from 2-guard Terrance Joyner (11.3 ppg) as Joyner is their only double-digit scorer.

That's all the scouting I did for MVSU. That one sentence. Basically, if we can't beat them, we're going to be in trouble when we have to play anyone worth anything again. We should be able to destroy them due to depth (though MVSU does spread their minutes around a good bit).

Juco's Bold Predictions (that hopefully aren't as ridiculous as One Man To Beat's):

1. Reggie Buckner registers five blocks.

2. Dundrecous Nelson scores in double digits.

3. Demarco Cox scores four or more.

4. Steadman Short leads the team in rebounds.