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Will Muschamp and Florida Prove that We Know Nothing

Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator for Texas, will be the next head coach at Florida. It's official. And more-or-less nobody saw this one coming. During the days-long rumor mongering across both the mainstream and underground media, a bevy of potential Gators head coaches were named. Dan Mullen was up front and the presumed successor but, once that never materialized. Bobby Petrino was tossed around, which also led to nothing coming of it. Then there was Gary Patterson, then Chris Peterson, then Jon Gruden (because why the hell not), and then even Bob Stoops - which at one point seemed all but an entirely done deal - all just churned out of the rumor mill one after the other.

And then Will Muschamp, the Head Coach In-Waiting at Texas, took the job after reportedly being the first and only person it was offered to, despite nobody ever hearing of him as a possible candidate.

This goes to show that none of us, despite what we "know", know a damned thing about what's going on regarding the future of college football coaches. Don't even pretend like you do anymore, because you don't, just as I don't, and just as your "sources" don't. Unless you're controlling the seven-figures worth of capital being pumped about, you're in the dark, and even then you'd still be lucky to know what's going on.

Welcome back to the SEC, Coach Boom Motherfucker. We're looking forward to having you.