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Rebel Roundup - December 10, 2010

For Ole Miss, Small Lineup Works | Veazey
Coach Kennedy has told his bigs - Buckner, Cox, and Henry - that if they're not going to play big, then we're gonna move to a smaller lineup more often. I don't know if limiting Buckner's minutes or keeping Cox out of garbage time is the best idea, but whatever; he's the basketball coach. The Rebels play the UALR Trojans tomorrow night in Little Rock, meaning that probably nobody will see it happen (except for Kyle Veazey who, apparently, thinks his Saturday can't be better spent elsewhere).

Yards Per Point and Luck in the SEC | Team Speed Kills
Numbers and stats! Who wants numbers and stats and numbers and analysis and stuff! Get it here at Team Speed Kills! See our absolute suckage quantified once again! Right here! Getcha numbers!

Ole Miss, KU Atop Stoudts List |
Zack Stoudt, a 6'5" dropback passer type from some damned Juco in Iowa, has whittled his college choices down to Ole Miss and Kansas. According to recruiting services, he's the second or third best juco quarterback for this year which means that he'll probably throw a lot of interceptions and piss us off next season.

MS's Uncommitted All-Stars Being Lobbied By Teammates |
Juco thinks there's a conspiracy afoot to put Mississippi State (WHOOOO DAMN RIGHT /rattle) players in the MS/AL All Star game for 'crootin purposes. The all star selections, according to Mr. All American, were made by a bunch of State homers, hence the omissions of Donte Moncrief and Senquez Gholston from the all-star roster in favor of guys like Joe Price. (Look, I went to Madison Central, and I love my Jaguars, but I've seen that guy play and let me be the first to tell you that Price ain't a D1 player. He's this year's Colby Arceneaux which, in the end, would be pretty damned hilarious were Tobias Singleton to commit to the Rebs.)