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Rebel Roundup - December 1, 2010

Miami Hurricanes beat back furious rally by Rebels |
Well if this game ain't a microcosm of Ole Miss basketball for the past several years... The Rebels were outscored by thirty (THIRTY!) points in the first half, only to bring the Hurricane lead to within nine points with four minutes to go. The Rebels could have actually overcome a thirty (THIRTY HOLY SHIT!) point deficit at one point. There wasn't, per the usual, enough gas in the tank and, let's be frank, such a lead is almost impossible to overcome anyway but, just knowing that it could have happened makes this one all the more frustrating. Furthermore, the Rebs outscored the 'Canes by seventeen in the second half. Had they played with the intensity and consistency of the second half during the entire game, this would have been an easy Rebel victory.

Suffice it to say that this is a talented, yet bi-polar team. The loss to Miami - a truly frustrating one at that - does set us back RPI wise already, but a win against Southern Miss this Saturday can help in that regard.

Nutt vows to do better on discipline | Veazeburger
You want juicy gossip? Because Veaze has got it here with the details of the suspensions and dismissals on the Rebel football team this year. They include, among others:

  • Melvin Harris being charged with a DUI before the Egg Bowl
  • Brandon Sanders being charged with a DUI and weed possession (he's looking to transfer to a 1-AA program which, frankly, is fine because the guy wasn't all that good)
  • Clarence Jackson trying to steal a television from Hume Hall

Players and coaches have alluded to discipline problems all year long, in fact, leading this bloggeur to conclude that the coaching staff and players became a smidge complacent this year. Hopefully Nutt's vow is in earnest because, if we're to get back to any sort of semblance of consistency, he needs to get his house in order, quickly.

Nutt uncertain about changes |
Well we are certain, coach. Get your ass in gear and fire some folks. Your seat's already hot enough as it is, there's no need for you to warm it up any further.

Volleyball Earns Another NCAA Berth |
And, as WildRebel pointed out, the volleyball team is heading out to California to play the North Carolina Tarheels in the NCAA women's volleyball tournament. Coach Joe Getzin's squad put together a 19-10 (13-7) record on the season which, hey, is a winning record, earning him what I assume will be a pay raise and contract extension coupon for a Honeybaked Ham. /PeteBooneChristmasbonus'd