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Rebel Roundup - November 9, 2010

What happened to Taylor Hashman? | The Daily Mississippian
Rebel baseballer Taylor Hashman is recovering well from his jaw, skull, and brain injuries, albeit slowly. If you don't recall, Hashman was allegedly assaulted at a party by an Ole Miss cheerleader named Johnny Beasley. Charges against Beasley are still pending. And while not particularly well-written (that's not to say it's poorly written), the article is good journalism, so kudos, DM.

Tad Pad Gets Safety and Environmental Upgrades |
Here's your environmental upgrade:

The boilers have improved the efficiency of the building’s heating and hot water systems."

Admittedly, I know little of the interal workings of large buildings, but boilers? So is the Tad Pad's chimney a real operating chimney? Maybe it's just growing up the 1990's, but I can't help but think of boiler rooms as archaic homes for lunatics.


LSU-Ole Miss game to be televised by CBS |
LSU's gonna be the CBS afternoon game? I'll take it. We've had decent luck with those as of late.

Tennessee Volunteers Vs. Ole Miss Rebels: Game Preview And Stat Analysis | Rocky Top Talk
Do you want me to comb through a mountain of statistics and provide you with interesting, unique analysis whlie comparing our team's successes and shortfalls with that of our upcoming opponent? Would you like that to come with tables and color coordination and other stuff? Well, tough, because I'm not gonna do that. But Joel at Rocky Top Talk has got it covered, so click on through.

Derek Dooley? More like Debbie Downer! | Rocky Top Talk
Houston Nutt? More like Pooston Butt?! Amirite?