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Pollin' Because Nobody Else Would

C'mon Auburn, act like you've been here before.
C'mon Auburn, act like you've been here before.

Where has Ivory Tower been? Well, I don't know. And, c'mon, you didn't just ask that. Anyway, he has assured me that his full blog effort - or bleffort- will be in it for the LSU and State games which, if that means another week of me fruitlessly trying to entertain y'all then I'll deal.

So that being what it is, and realizing that his duties of submitting a BlogPoll ballot have gone untouched for two weeks, I have decided to take a stab at it. First, though, the SEC Power Poll ballot for this week.

  2. LSU- The Les works in mysterious ways and OH MY DID HE ATE GRASS LOL!
  3. Alabama- The Arnbow and possible Auburn spoilage is likely all the Tide have to fall back on. That and the Sugar Bowl after Ole Miss beats LSU amirite?!
  4. Arkansas - Arkansas did what few teams can; they showed up big time in Columbia.
  5. Mississippi State - Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss in Oxford are up for the Horrible Hamlet Hounds. Dare I say they'll slip a bit in these here polls?
  6. Florida- At one point in the 2nd quarter, Florida led Vandy by 41 points. Forty. One. After something like 20 minutes of play. /srslywhycantwebeatvanderbilt'd
  7. South Carolina - Suffered a real setback against Arkansas but I can't punish them too much for that. But now's the time to punish them for the Kentucky loss.
  8. Georgia- UGA did the same this past weekend, albeit against Idaho State. Could the 'Dawgs upset Auburn? Not likely, but that'd be a fairly awesome oucome.
  9. Ole Miss- The Rebs need to beat the Vols to get closer to bowl eligibility and hold on to the precious 9th spot in the power poll.
  10. Kentucky- With Vandy and Tennessee left, the Cats are looking to go to their fourth consecutive bowl game. I'm far too lazy to look this up, but I'm venturing to guess that such would be unprecedented.
  11. Vanderbilt-  Of course, with Vandy out of bowl contention, it would be so 'Dore-ish and Kentucky-ish for the upset to take place this weekend.
  12. Tennessee - Let's hope they stay right here after this Saturday.

And BlogPollin' is after the jump.

Am I going to use Ivory Tower's ranking system? Hell no, because I don't know what it is, nor do I have time forthat shit. To do this, I literally looked at a bunch of other people's ballots - people whose opinions on these things I respect - and sortof came up with an aggregate ballot in my head. I tweaked it a bunch with my personal opinions based on what I've seen thus far but, considering the method, this is gonna be a bit of a trite top-25 with perhaps only a sprinkle of wacky.

So, sorry Ivory, I'm probably not gonna win the Black Heart Gold Pants Award for Bizarre Balloting prize this week.

First up are the contendors.

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State

I like Boise State, but I've grown tired of their and the media's incessant complaining of their polling position. You wanna know why Auburn jumped you? Because they beat a very good LSU team. You wanna know why TCU jumped you? Because their defense is performing better and against a tougher slate of opponents. And Oregon, well, just look at 'em. Sheesh.

  1. LSU
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Stanford
  4. Nebraska
  5. Oklahoma State
  6. Ohio State

These are teams with a shot but still sit on the outside looking in. I've watched each of these teams play this year and have, frankly, been the most impressed with Wisconsin. LSU gets the nod though because of their strength of schedule and my lingering fear of slighting Drake Nevis in any form. Ohio State falls to the ass-end of this group because that Miami win continues to look more and more unimpressive and, ouside of that, the Buckeyes haven't defeated anyone worth the effort

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan State
  3. Arkansas
  4. Iowa
  5. Michigan State
  6. Missouri
  7. Mississippi State

And I still wanna rank the Bulldogs lower. With a lot of once two-loss and impressive one-loss teams falling this week, Mississippi State looks to make a climb in the polls but not here, not on Red Cup Rebellion. And that's because we're assholes who hate Mississippi State. That, and their most impressive wins - Georgia and Florida - came against teams which, conveniently for State, are performing at relatively very low levels and were, at the time of their losses to Mullen's Maroons, lacking significant star power for a myriad of reasons.

Arkansas climbs with an impressive win over USCe and Mizzou drops a bit for losing to a bad Texas Tech team. Their win over Oklahoma though is giving them a bit of bouancy here. And of these teams, Alabama is easily the best.

  1. Utah
  2. Nevada
  3. Arizona
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Baylor

The Utes showed us all this last Saturday why TCU has, all along, been a BCS contendor. They took a big tumble and with reason. Their only impressive victories thus far are Pittsburgh and Iowa State, and a win over Notre Dame this weekend won't mean shit because Notre Dame, once again, sucks despite what the media wanted us to believe (which, once again, made everyone think Michigan was good for defeating Notre Dame early on). Nevada's offense is well coached and played, but their loss to Hawai'i is enough to keep them below Utah and their win over a bipolar Cal squad is hardly impressive.

  1. Florida
  2. Texas A&M
  3. Virginia Tech

Well hellooooo there, ACC! That sure is a fine team you've got here in the top-25!