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To long-time readers since the days of the Cup's inception, drive-by commenters, trolls, and lost Googlers, thank you. What started out as a series of emails amongst a handul of Rebel friends has become a small albeit noticeable sliver of the Ole Miss subculture to the extent that we couldn't have forseen. 

We're not perfect, we're not timely, we're not polite, and we're not in any way professional. But that's the point. We're amateurs. This is our hobby and, oddly, one one million different occasions, someone aside from us has found this hobby interesting enough to indulge in. Sure, one million visitors may not be a lot to the EDSBSes and Dr. Saturdays of the college football e-culture, but to us, a narrowly scoped and inconsistently maintained Ole Miss blog, it's one hell of a milestone.

So pour yourself a red cup of something just downright sinful and celebrate. We know we will. And here's to the next one million, whenever they come and whoever they may be.