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Rebel Roundup - November 4, 2010

Well that's neat.

Ole Miss and Miss. State to lead SEC West | Tennessee Journalist
Hell yeah I'm linking to a student newspaper site. I actually kinda like it when younguns write interesting, relevant, somewhat trite sports analysis. Here, the author argues what mostly everyone is arguing: that Ole Miss and State are tops in the SEC West once again. State's gonna have a talented squad this season, so it'll be a tall task for Kennedy and our team's unusual mix of long-time experience and brand new freshmen talent to overcome the Bulldogs.

First Word: Could a 5-7 Ole Miss team go to a bowl? | Grilled Veeze Sandwich (this is too much)
The answer is technically "yes" but the likelihood of such happening is "fat chance." How about, instead of worrying about whether or not a 5-7 Rebels squad can go to a bowl, we worry about which bowl a 7-5 Rebels squad goes to? Amirite?

Welcome Back to September | Team Speed Kills
Arkansas vs. South Carolina and LSU vs. Alabama are two exciting SEC matchups this weekend. But, outside of those games, we've got a bunch of cupcakery. Whatever, at this point, I'll take our opponents as fluffy, sweet, and cakey as can be.

SEC Power Poll, Week 9: Torpor | Team Speed Kills
Boom! Ninth! Suck it, Kentucky! And check this bit of snark out from the ACC/SEC Blog:

When Rodney Scott tackled the blocker on the kickoff instead of the ball carrier who went for a TD, I thought that play epitomized Ole Miss football.

Somewhat talented yet unopportunistic and capable of shooting itself in the foot repeatedly? Yeah, that's definitely Rebel football.


College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 10: It Starts Making Sense |
Ivory Tower didn't vote again, but whatever, just check it out.