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Rebel Roundup - November 3, 2010: Remembering Nick Bell

Auburn running backs draw praise after Ole Miss game |
And rightfully so. Michael Dyer and Onterio McCalebb totalled 279 yards on the ground. Wonder why Cam Newton didn't rush for so many yards against the Rebs? Because he didn't have to.

Rebels' options at DE look thin | The Clarion-Ledger
Well then tell them to eat something. Har har har. Get it?!

I've got Jason Jones, I've got Cameron Whigham, who really is just now starting to get healthy from his injury, and Wayne Dorsey...I'm down to those three. They've got to stay healthy.

Injuries have plagued this defense all season long, and the spots at defensive end are no exception.


Rebels on alert for Ragin' Cajuns | The Commercial Appeal
The players and coaches are getting nervous. Losing this weekend would certainly slam the already-closing door of bowl eligibility shut. They're preparing for this game, according to Jeremy McGee, "like [they're] preparing for Alabama."

Nick Bell passes away |

Words can't express our sadness. Nick was a model student-athlete - special in the classroom, on the field and to those whose lives he touched. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his teammates and his coaches. He will be missed by the entire Mississippi State community and our athletic department family.
-Scott Stricklin, Mississippi State AD

Nick Bell, a Mississippi State Bulldog Defensive End, passed away yesterday after battling cancer. The grief experienced by Nick's coaches, teammates, friends and family is incomprehensible. The unenviable task of mourning and laying to rest a young, vibrant individual who was, just weeks ago, living an exciting and youthful life, now goes to Bell's family. And, for that, our hearts and minds are with them. As QHHT mentioned in her fanshot, rivalries mean something on the gridiron and beside the water cooler, but they mean nothing in these situations. We Rebels are with you, Bulldogs.