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Sorry we've been super slow around here as of late. Illness, professional obligation, and the crippling depression brought about by the winter nights have kept us out of the loop. We'll get back on track starting, hopefully, today with a truncated ULL Ragin' Cajun HATE WEEK...

...or not. I think we've been as vitriolic as can be up until this point, and we've really worn ourselves out as a result. So lets do ourselves and our collective spirit a favor and, instead of frothingly spewing tongue-in-cheek insults at our friends from Acadiana, let's show them the love. Sure, Cajun folk may sound like they're gargling marbles when they talk and brazenly eat foods off of the endangered species list, but they're good people with a uniquely American culture. I, frankly, can't really get all fired up to HATE them that much. Here, allow me to demonstrate with a photo essay:

Shrimp. Put it in anything. It's flavorful, lean, and filled with protien.

Grizzled men with funny hats navigating cypress swamps? Practically the symbol of south Louisiana. I guaran-damn-tee that this man has a recipe for nutria gumbo that could give Koban's a run.

Don't even pretend like you don't enjoy a good accordian accompaniment with your Zydeco.

Alligator novelties! Once an endagered species, the American Alligator is a bit of a nuisance now in the Southeastern US. Thankfully, Cajuns are brave and brazen enough to kill them and lacquer the heads of their juveniles so that tourists may purchase them at Pilot stations along I-10

Every Cajun person I've ever met smells like bay leaf, and that's nowhere close to an insult. If you're not already cooking with bay leaf on the reg, then you're wasting your time in the kitchen.


Help out in the comments and let this photo essay grow into a string of innocuous-to-mildly-offensive stereotypes we Rebels can be proud of. Remember, when they cheer for LSU, we hate their guts; but when Cajuns don the red and white of their beloved Ooh-La-La, we can't help but welcome them into our fair hamlet for a weekend.