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Rebel Roundup - November 29, 2010

Egg Bowl repeat delicious for DaWgZ! | The Clarion-Ledger
Frown frown frown!
Mississippi State's in a
Shitty town!

The hate still flows 'round here. And your chant is a stupid ripoff of a ripoff. Can't you clowns do one damned original thing?

Sprints Doesn't Really Think Houston Nutt's Going to Colorado | Team Speed Kills
You want Houston Nutt rumor links? Here ya go. Cocknfire does a fine job of putting together, in chronological order no less, the links outlining the speculation of Houston Nutt's future. Their guess is the same as ours - he's probably not going to Colorado.

Nutt Denies Colorado Rumors |
Or you could just take it straight from the Right Reverend's mouth. I think the CU rumors are a fine example of wishful thinking or speculation on the internet, Facebook, or Twitter growing and evolving far out of proportion. He'll be in Oxford next year, as far as I can tell.

Penn State Blows A Gaskins, Falls 84-71 To Ole Miss | Black Shoe Diaries
Below is Juco's take on Friday's Rebel victory over the Nittany Lions. Read that, then read this, which is the take of Black Shoe Diaries, SBNation's Penn State blog.