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Rebel Roundup - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
The American in me finds Thanksgiving to be the greatest holiday of them all. It's modest, tasteful, inclusive, absolutely delicious and, truly, an all-American affair. Worry not, this post was typed yesterday before the annual giving of Thanks, and bother us not if we're inactive today. More Egg Bowl and Rebel basketball coverage will come tomorrow but, for now, let's enjoy turkey, pie, and football.

Nutt not worried about ‘TSUN’ references; Mullen eyes Masoli, Bolden | MarSwello (BOOM)
From the Mississippi State section of the Clarion Ledger blogosphere, we learn that Houston Nutt isn't bothered by Mullen's dumb TSUNami of Ole Miss jabs and that, according to Dan Mullen, "The entire focus [of Mississippi State football] is always just going to be on this game, whether you’re 7-4, 11-0 or 0-11." You gotta give the guy credit; he sure as hell knows how to pander to an audience.

Jonathan Cornell, UM’s "backbone" | Veazey
Jonathan Cornell was in beast mode against LSU. Let's hope he carries that through the Egg Bowl, despite Tyrone Nix likely having him far too often in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, Veaze.

Conerly Nominees Announced - WXVT
My nomination to win the award? Casey Therriault of Jackson State.

Buckner idled by knee injury | Veaze
On a day-to-day status for nearly a week now, Reginald Buckner is still recovering from a bruised bone suffered against Dayton. If the Rebs are looking to defeat the Nittany Lions of Penn State, they'll need the more-than-ept blocker and rebounder.

Oh Snoopy, You Wacky Dog You
Enjoy your Thanksgivings, y'all.