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Rebel Roundup - November 23, 2010

It still stings, Jeremiah, but we're gonna need one more outta you.
It still stings, Jeremiah, but we're gonna need one more outta you.

It Was As Crazy As We Expected | Team Speed Kills
Houston Nutt and Les Miles have a bit of an oligopoly on crazy in the SEC, and their annual contests have been damn fine entertainment over the past few seasons. While a heartbreaker, Saturday night's battle on the bayou (under a full moon, no less) was hardly an exception.

LSU's QB Emerging at Right Time | DailyComet
Actually, no, he's not. He played the Ole Miss secondary this past weekend, that's all.

Thoughts from the South Endzone | And The Valley Shook
Half photo-essay, half steam-of-consciousness narrative, and all LSU coonassery, this is a fine look at what went down, from a fan perspective, in Death Valley last Saturday.

The sun goes down and it gets properly dark very quickly in the 4th Qtr. At some point I notice my glasses seem a little foggy, only to discover some very ominous light fog rolling in. Ole Miss fans repeatedly do a Hotty Toddy, which is soon overwhelmed by a stadium-wide "Geaux to Hell, Ole Miss!" Hat tip to the students for starting that one.

It's good to see this rivalry amp up the intensity once again. We'll be sure to bring the HATE next year, LSU, don't you worry.

Egg Bowl Rivalry Gets Houston Nutt's Attention | Commercial Appeal
It's about damned time. I'm convinced that, while totally thrilling to watch, point at, laugh, et cetera, the 45-0 game of 2008 was all it took for Nutt and Company to think State was gonna roll over and die for every Egg Bowl. But, one year and one shit-talkin' Yankee coach (once again, adding to the irony of State fans mindlessly rallying behind his "The School Up North" jabs) later, it was us who rolled over. No, Nutt, we're not going to have Peria Jerry every season and they're not gonna have Croom every season. Take this week seriously, could you?