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Tuesday Question - 11/23/2010

Even with those legs, he could not outrun the long arm of the law ... er, I mean, the long arm of unspecified team rules.
Even with those legs, he could not outrun the long arm of the law ... er, I mean, the long arm of unspecified team rules.

Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, there is the sporadic occasion where, either for our benefit or for to exercise the thinkifiers of the masses better HATE STATE, we ask you a question. Today's question is . . .

Who makes up / enforces the team rules?  And is there some better method for ensuring compliance with them?

Perhaps, you did not notice but some of our players have taken their role as "rebels," to a whole new, unspecified level.  That's right, great keeper of the codex of "Team Rules," I am calling you out.  After Monday's announcement that Melvin Harris has been suspended for an unspecified violation of your potentially draconian (or embarrassingly relaxed - there's just no way of knowing) rules of conduct, I want to know what is up with all this rule-breaking.

Of course Tony Grimes and Delvin Jones were suspended for the game against LSU.  Their loss for that game possibly contributed strongly to the Rebels' poor defensive showing against the Tigers.*  And, though rumors floated, Rishaw Johnson's dismissal came was because of a "violation of team rules."

This also comes on the heels of Rodney Scott's maybe-departure from the team, and, of course, Patrick Patterson's suspension and eventual dismissal were, also, hash marks on the "team rules" board.

Here's a sub-question (with a HT to @IACGodfrey) that I might regret asking: did Nutt's Arkansas players do their best James Dean when it came to the dark and shadowy world of team rules?

It's not like I think that the coaching staff is suspending or dismissing players for no good reason.  And I appreciate that these young men's laundry need not be aired out for our entertainment (or to our ridicule at the hands of hypocritical State fans, who I wish were still doin' it da right way).  But is all this rule-breaking something about which we should be concerned?

*If you believe this, click here to find out if you are a moron!