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SEC Power Poll Ballot

  1. Auburn - The Arn Bow looms as large as it has in a long, long while. Unless either the Tide or the Tigers slip up over the next couple of weeks, that should decide who wins the SEC.
  2. Alabama - Of course, LSU vs. Alabama could honestly be just as much a pivotal game as the Arn Bow. Not to sound silly or dramatic, but LSU or Bama's third place fate will be sealed after this Saturday.
  3. LSU - We all know that Nick Saban is some sort of evil genius and that Les Miles is a character from a Lewis Carroll story, but this game will undeniably be a barn-burner decided in the fourth quarter.
  4. South Carolina - The best team in the East is debatably the fourth best team in the conference. These things are cyclical, of course, but I never thought I'd see the SEC east this down.
  5. State - State fans are already talking about getting hotel rooms in Dallas. Beat Arkansas and Alabama first. Hell, beat Ole Miss in Oxford first.
  6. Arkansas - They'll move up to fourth or so by the end of the season.
  7. Florida - Talk about a much needed win. I still guess that Adazzio is fizzired though, like "Tim Brewster and Tyrone Nix" fired.
  8. Georgia - What's ironic about this year's WLOCO is that neither team was ranked, therefore making the game uninteresting on paper. However, this year's installment was perhaps the most thrilling in recent memory, even if it amounts to nothing.
  9. Ole Miss - These next three are somewhat interchangeable, but I'm a homer and, c'mon, the Rebs did beat the Wildcats and they're in the tougher division.
  10. Kentucky - Looked like world-beaters against South Carolina. That's about it.
  11. Vanderbilt - The highlight of their season: a fluke win over Ole Miss... son of a bitch this is frustrating.
  12. Tennessee - Ole Miss gets the random privileged of playing the worst Tennessee team in decades. We'll still manage to hose ourselves out of it, though.