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Rebel Roundup - November 19, 2010

The flames are a nice touch. | And The Valley Shook
Back at 'cha, LSU! Hey, isn't this the same newspaper that, last spring, published some trite bullshit about how they don't care about the Ole Miss vs. LSU game?

The Geaux Show for November 18th, 2010 | And The Valley Shook
Last night, I appeared on the Geaux Show, under some bizarre pseudoname, to talk about Saturday's Magneauxlia Beauxl, mascot contreauxversy, Ceauxch Nutt, and other football-related topics. It was seaux much fun. Eaux.

LSU hopes to erase bad memories vs. Ole Miss | The Washington Post
Ah yes, the impossible-to-kill, flawed narrative that it was LSU that lost the game last season in Oxford, via Les Miles' dumbassery, as opposed to Ole Miss actually winning the game. Sure, the Rebs didn't like, you know, shut down the Tigers rushing attack, gash the field with McCluster's nimble feet, and statistically dominate the box score only to have terrible turnovers and special teams play keep it closer than it could have been or anything. That one was so LSU's game to win, right gang?

Recon: University of Mississippi | The Blackburn Review
This is an excellent preview of this Saturday's game between the Flyers and Rebels (yeah, that Saturday game) from the well written Dayton blog The Blackburn Review. Ole Miss, Oxford, and our wimminz get love from the Rust Belters.

Schedule Mania |
Pete Boone's Twitter announcement that someting "big" and football-related would be happening never came to fruition. To add, though, to the mystery, Boone subsequently tweeted that something like SO was gonna happen before ESPN forgot to tie "a few loose ends." Speculation abounds, and it appears that Georgia, Ole Miss, Louisville, Boise State, and even BYU are all involved in some scheduling changes. Personally, I do not want the Rebels to drop Boise, but if they do so for BYU then I'd be alright - but not terribly happy - with that decision.