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Rebel Roundup - November 18, 2010

Racers Drop 77-61 Loss at Ole Miss |
From the Murray State sports site comes this recap of last night's game. Give it a look-see but don't be too confused when quotes are attributed to "Kennedy"; that'd be Murray State's head coach Billy Kennedy, not our very own Andy Kennedy.

Rebels romp over Murray State | The Daily Mississippian
Yeah, I'm linking the DM sports today. What of it?

Les Miles starting to make case for his team to play in BCS title game | USAToday
How exactly does Les Miles go about doing that? Thusly:

I only know a few things. Things about the Southeastern conference. Football. Schemes and players hardworking opportunities to make things happen. It's about challenges and playing teams and doing that without prejudice and jurisprudence and with honesty and ethics. Days like these, days and nights I should say, like these in the Southeastern Conference, those are just the kinds of things that get you going and out of bed and ready to compete and fight and work hard against football teams with my damn strong football team.

When asked if he had a damned clue what he just said, Les Miles replied, with an angrily pointed finger and a tight scowl, "nnnnnope."


LSU, Ole Miss weaknesses collide | The Advocate
Like Jarrett Lee won't have a bad day against the Rebel D or something.

Want A Free Samsung 3D TV? Good, 'Cause We're Giving One Away! | From the SBNation Editors
This is very real. All you've gotta do is "like" SBNation on Facebook and follow @SBNation on Twitter. Then, just leave a comment in the linked post as to the greatest sports moment you've ever seen on television. The drawing is random, but if they pull your username up and you meet the eligibility criteria, a 48", 1080p, THREEE DEEEEE television is all yours. Seriously. Go for it. I'm not eligible for the prize, but y'all are, and I'd hate to see this fall into the hands of an And The Valley Shook, Arkansas Expats, or For Whom the Cowbell Tolls reader (But don't worry on that last one, because there aren't any. Boom. Roasted.) over a loyal friend of the Cup.