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Rebel Roundup - November 17, 2010

In Keeping Up with HATE WEEK...
LSU's basketball team lost to Nicholls State last night. Malcolm White, the former diminuitive-cranium'd Rebel center earned a whopping ten minutes of play as the Basketball Bayou Bengals lost to an in-state opponent at home for the first time in nearly twenty years. Schadenfreude + basketball + HATE WEEK = This 

Livin' on a Brayer | Rocky Top Talk
The Ole Miss Rebels Secondary: making brah-some freshmen quarterbacks look like Heisman contendors since 2010.

This is more or less what I did with the Mystery Science Theater bit, but more amusing (and intentionally so) and with images. What can I say, Spencer's been doing this longer than I, has an odd obsession with Nutt's antics, and doesn't have like, you know, a real job and stuff... So, he's essentially doing what I wanna do. /sendsoutresumes

LSU vs. Ole Miss: What to look for Saturday | WAFB
What to look for: Ivory Tower's foppish mop drunkely flapping about in the South Louisianan breeze (there's no such thing), Koban's gumbo blasting hot dog turd bundles out of the water in the Tony's cooking competition, a secondary (seriously, somebody look for one), and lots of general ass-clownery. This game can bring out the worst in the best of the both of us, which is why it's so much fun for all involved parties.

DT Powe mulls return in 2011 | Veezer
I wouldn't hate the guy if he left, but he'd certainly do nothing but help were he to stay for one more season (his seventh? eighth?) in Oxford.

SEC Power Poll, Week 11: Agreement | Team Speed Kills
Fear not, Arkansas fans who got all bullshitty that I dared rank the SEC East champions over the Arkansas Razorbacks a week after the Gamecocks demolished Florida in the Swamp, because I forgot to submit the ballot last night. Which, ironically, is probably a good thing for Ole Miss because the Rebels are, somehow, ranked higher than the 'Dores for that precious 11th place spot. If you'll recall, I have us at dead last.