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SEC Power Poll Ballot

It's flawless, right? Yeah, you know it is. JUMP!

  1. Auburn Tigers - Cameron Newton Schmameron Newton, Auburn's still the best team in this league. And Nick Fairley is more-or-less a filthy footballer. He's the SEC's answer to Albert Haynesworth except he's not as fat and shitty. 
  2. LSU Tigers - Watching LSU football is like watching a very bizarre remake of Paranormal Activity. There's insanity, inhuman noises, creepy smirks, and all types of hazardous objects just flying around. And, then, the badguys win.
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide - Playing Georgia State with the 2nd to last game of the season? What have we stooped to in this conference. Wasn't the idea of adding that 12th game to give marquee out of conference matchups a fair shot.
  4. South Carolina Gamecocks - In one year, South Carolina has done everything Ole Miss seemingly couldn't sports-wise: College World Series and SEC Championship Game appearance? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  5. Arkansas Razorbacks - Ryan Mallett had to let the Four Loko kick wear off a smidge before opening it up against UTEP this Saturday.
  6. Mississippi State Bulldogs - At least they got reamed this weekend as well. Yyyyep, that's what we're resorting too around here. 
  7. Florida Gators - A loss in the Swamp to South Carolina to cede the SEC East title? Sheesh. What's frustrating, though, for an Ole Miss fan, is that this season will be a low-point for this program--and they'll still go bowling.
  8. Georgia Bulldogs - If Georgia loses to Tech, that'd be 0-fer against their rivals. I wonder when that happened last.
  9. Kentucky Wildcats - Still floating on that SC victory, I see.
  10. Tennessee Volunteers - This is a bad football team.
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores - This is a worse football team... And we lost to both of them.
  12. Ole Miss Rebels - It's all a part of the plan, y'all.