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OMGCAMNEWTON & TENNESSEEGAME ... oh yeah, and basketball starts?

Yes. Basketball.

Pete Boone hasn't completely dismantled the program yet – we still play D-1 basketball. Yes, men AND women.

So minimize your window currently focused on Cam Newton rumors and predictions for the Ole Miss-Tennessee game on Saturday.

Ole Miss graciously will allow Arkansas State on its hallowed hollow basketball court for 40 minutes of purgatory (Isn't it supposed to be hell? yeah, but I mean, c'mon, it's an Andy Kennedy defense)

Now, I am a bad Rebel. I will readily admit it – I am unable to attend tonight's basketball game. I will be watching on RebelVision for at least the first half. /ducksfromcabbageandtomatoesbeingthrown

Here's all you really need to know about tonight's game:

1.) Chris Warren is healthy along with Zach Graham, Trevor Gaskins, Reginald Buckner and Terrance Henry. That's at least 60 points on offense...48 points given up on defense.

2.) Jon "Cry" Brady is the coach of Arkansas State. Yell at him. Ask him what it's like to be in Jonesboro after winning a national championship.

3.) Our bench has more talent, strength and size than theirs. If we have to grind out a few Dwayne Curtis-like lay-ups via Demarco Cox, we'll be able to though not often.

4.) IF WE DON'T WIN THIS GAME, WE WON'T HAVE ANY FUTURE BASKETBALL COVERAGE. /overreactingyeahbutsrslyitsarkystate

My prediction for the game is at least one dunk that makes people clap for more than 3 seconds before gorging themselves on stale popcorn, Nick Williams draining at least 3 from behind the arc and Reginald Buckner tallying 5 blocks.

What does all that mean?

Rebels 86

Jonesboro Technical Career College 68