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Rebel Roundup - November 12, 2010

Radio Shows!
Click here to hear the MP3 of Wednesday night's Red Cup Radio and click here to hear last night's Rocky Top Talk podcast on which yours truly appeared as a guest. Morning game: see if you can count how many mistakes I made while speaking to the guys at RTT. You're welcome; you've not got two hours to waste.

Tennessee vs. Ole Miss - This Year or Next Year? | Rocky Top Talk
Rocky Top Talk is calling tomorrow's game the most important game of Derek Dooley's young SEC career. Do you buy that? I suppose I do, considering what's at stake for both Ole Miss and Tennessee.

Lathers has inside scoop on Ole Miss tailback Bolden | GoVolsXtra
The inside scoop on Bolden? Peanut allergy. /lathersisastalker

First Word: For Nutt, pain at Neyland | Fresh Veazed Orange Juice (wow...)
Coach Nutt is looking for his first win ever at Neyland Stadium and, when considering the struggles his Razorbacks have had against the Vols, not the least of which is the infamous Stoernover of the late 90's which likely cost the Hogs an SEC title, is likely a bit of a sore subject for Count Giggity. Veaze's got links and stuff to the necessary YouTubes to accompany this bit of tid so give it a look-see.

All you ever wanted to know about Ole Miss’ basketball signees | Kyle Veazey... because that's his name.
Three big-bodied signees - none of which were Johnny O'Bryant or Ky Madden... womp womp - inked their LOIs for Ole Miss this week. Click the link to find out who they are and please stay tuned to