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Rebel Roundup - November 10, 2010

Ole Miss still waiting on Jeremiah Masoli | ESPN
The Throwin' Samoan's brain is still a bit scrambled after taking a hit in the endzone against ULL last Saturday and, as a result, remains uncertain to start this Saturday against Tennessee.

Ole Miss finds consistency in kicker's scoring threat | The Commercial Appeal
Bryson Rose has been the hallmark of consistency on an otherwise inconsistent team. He has hit 14-16 field goals and all 36 of his extra points. Well done, Bryson.

Marcus Dupree, Cam Newton and the South's Underground Economy | NCAAFB FanHouse
A well written Clay Travis column which draws a comparison between the Marcus Dupree and Cameron Newton stories which, although separated by nearly twenty years, oddly mirror oneanother far too well.

Shackelford trusts instincts | The Clarion-Ledger
The big-bodied, defensive stalwart that is D.T. Shackleford has lined up at multipe linebacker spots and even some defensive end spots for our Rebels. And not only has he done well in these roles, but he has made the oftentimes in-game transitions seem fluid and easy.

"Once you get on the field, man, it all goes back to River City [High School] football - you go see the ball, you go get it."


Nelson’s Rebel debut Friday in question after ankle injury | Squeazy
Cous cous Nelson, the roundball Rebels' freshman shooting guard out of Murrah High School, may not make his collegiate debut this Friday due to a rolled ankle. The likelihood that we'll need Dundrecous to dispatch the Red Wolves of Arkansas State is slim, but let's hope he recovers quickly because all signs point to Nelson being a good one.

SEC Power Poll, Week 10: (L)East | Team Speed Kills
The Rebs slip behind the Wildcats for 10th in the conference. Why? Probably because we sold our precious heritage to the PC gestapo amirite?!?!

College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 11 |
Aaaaand the BlogPoll's out.