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Rebel Roundup - November 1, 2010

Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook Off | VOTE SOME MORE
How was the gumbo this weekend? Good you say? Well then get back onto the CSS website and VOTE for it. Jack's still in second and has gone too far to slip out of the competition this late in the game.

GameDayMap for iPhone and iPod touch | iTunes App Store
We're not selling out for this one; we're legitimately plugging an app we think is neat. Check out GameDayMAP the app, a program, naturally developed by Mississippians, as a way to track your tailgate, your friends tailgates, the restrooms, and everything else on campus every Saturday. Check it out.

UT, Ole Miss homecoming kickoff at noon | GoVolsXtra
I don't know what sucks more: this game being on at noon or realizing you won't be able to go because you bought tickets to see a concert that night. Whoops (or not, it's a Dylan show which may be cool... I dunno, he's like 80 now).

No trap in Oxford for Auburn | The Times Daily
They're writing about the notion that Saturday's matchup was a "trap game" for the Tigers, but I naturally read it as a thinly veiled Admiral Ackbar reference.