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Just Enjoy Your Weekends, Alright?

Substance was lacking on these here Internets today. And, for that, I don't so much feel repentant. I took the day off, slept in, ate Chick-Fil-A, and went on a nice run in 70-something degree weather. And ice cream. I ate some ice cream. So, I feel it's a day well spent.

I had designs of, along the lines of Juco and Ivory Tower, haranguing our readership regarding the mascot situation. I was gonna talk about traditions and the university and Mississippians, all in a general sense, but I'll save that for later. Perhaps next week. Because today marks the beginning of a four day weekend (yep, Monday's a holiday for me) which I, and hopefully all y'all, will spend watching not-Ole Miss football and generally welcoming the crisp warmth that is our Autumns in a relaxing, mentally free state. Monday begins HATE WEEK anew but, for now, let's have Brother Ray play us into a fully rewarding weekend, shall we?