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Rebel Roundup - October 7, 2010

<em>I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.</em>

-William E. Henley
I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. -William E. Henley

Image and quote HT: DontHitAGirl. Also, their mascot's name is "Puddles," an easy but nearly unknown target for opposing fan ridicule and  Duck fan complaints. But, when you're a legitimate national title contender, people seem to forget the trivial.

Despite what many Ole Miss fans want to think, there isn't a lot of Ole Miss related discussion going on right now aound the college football world. I slapped together some links though, even if they're only from two sources and only of mild interest to Rebel fans.

Grading High | Veazey
Veazey brings up a good point which many of our fans seem to not understand (Juco says people are bitchin' bout Powe on message boards. I don't really read many of them so I'll take his word for it): the best defensive tackles do not have stellar statistics. Powe may have only eight tackles through five games, with three of those being for a loss, but that's because the guy is routinely having two or even three sets of hands placed on him. A good defensive tackle is supposed to be a burden on the OL, not a statistical wonder, which is sortof along the lines of a really good shutdown corner having very few interceptions because opposting quarterbacks don't even bother throwing the ball in his direction.

Nutt Welcomes Rebels' Open Date | More Veaze
Of course he does. Two weeks to scheme for Alabama (which, unless South Carolina's defense literally rips Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson's heads off, won't make a difference - and even then it's still a helluva stretch) and the players getting injury or illness recovery time are certainly things to welcome. Also beyond the link, some stuff on Dave Rader and Charlie Conerly being honored by the New York Giants.

The Bottom 10 | ESPN
Did any of us think we'd ever see Georgia there.

What to Watch for in the SEC: Week 6 | Chris Low
Since our Rebels aren't on, perhaps you'd like a look at what's going on elsewhere.