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Rebel Roundup - October 6, 2010

Hey Did You Hear About the Mascots?
Because it's like a big deal to a lot of people, and stuff. Oddly enough, I feel like I'm in the minority for not caring all that much about which one becomes our next mascot, or the fact that we have to select a new mascot to begin with. It's just not particularly exciting or frustrating, to me. But, it's a fun thing to discuss and a lot of y'all seem to care so, yeah, keep at it I suppose.

Nix Mulls a Change at DE | Clarion Ledger
The defense as a unit has been very much a feast or famine bunch all season, and no group embodies that spirit of inconsistency more than our defensive line. Hampered by an injured Kentrell Lockett and a Wayne Dorsey who has been impacted pretty significantly by the SEC's learning curve, our defensive front either looks all-worldly, blowing up runs before they even begin and slangin' quarterbacks left and right, or they look sub-pedestrian, letting quarterbacks sling the ball all over the place out of a comfortable pocket. So what does Tyrone Nix do?

Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix said he was evaluating other players ahead of starting defensive end Wayne Dorsey to see who could make a splash. Those players include Cameron Whigham, Jason Jones, Delvin Jones and Carlos Thompson.

 All of these guys are, in my opinion, fine options at defensive end. Delvin Jones and Carlos Thompson are true freshmen though, so if we could avoid burning their redshirts that'd be ideal.

Nutt Lauds Pinebelt Prospects | Hattiesburg American
I tell you what, it's great to be in Hattiesburg. Love Ray Guy and Brett Favre, great competitors who love the Lord. Met them over at First Baptist Hattiesburg and we had a prayer circle, powerful moment, huddle up with Jesus. Anyone, anytime, anywhere right Hardy Street High? whoops, can't say that, ahahhaahahaha. Anyway, how about me, noon, Ci ci's pizza. But you're byin' baby whoo yeah. But you do have krispy kreme here. Steve mcnair, pine trees, the Hub City - love those hubs, love 'em, spinnin' hubs are on all of my players trucks and I just love watchin' em -  look at my hat, golf hat, like what the bear man wears, watch out for buckled chinstraps and fast women, wish we could get a player like DeAndre Brown but put in another brain, woooee that boy's dumber than a lizard fryin' on a hot rock in the desert. And Gus Malzhan. 'Crootin', Nick Saban, wowzers, Hotty Toddy.

Ole Miss Baseball Schedule |
The SEC slate is typically as interesting as it can be (Nobody else does baseball like the SEC, and this isn't just SEC homerism talking. If a Pac 10 fan chimes in, drop the "Cal, who went to a regional last year, is disbanding their program" truthbomb on them to shut them the hell up. If an ACC fan chimes in, say "dude, Maryland and Virginia Tech" to do the same.), but this out of conference slate is pretty dull, if you ask this bloggeur. Houston? Tulane? Southern Miss? Memphis? How many CUSA teams can we schedule?

It's a bye week, and we'd be hard pressed to fill an hour up talking about this mascot circus even if we wanted to, so we're likely not going to be recording our weekly podcast tonight in favor of saving our energies for next week. Now, if y'all really want us to, we'll do something truncated - you know, talk about the SEC at large, talk about mascot stuff a little bit, and do the pick 'em - but otherwise we're gonna take a week off.