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Mascot Concept Designs Released, For Real This Time

These are very much real, unlike our last set of drawings, and will very much be voted upon tomorrow. I'm not kidding. Don't get all preachy with some boy who cried wolf nonsense and just tell us what you think, after the jump.


Initial impressions from yours truly:

  • Rebel Chuck will surely approve of the red pants.
  • Nobody at Ole Miss, save for a few hipsters, wear Chuck Taylors. Slap some Cole Haans on that fish.
  • A good blazer has two buttons, not four.



  • I see Houston Nutt has let the bear borrow some of his hats. That was awfully considerate of him.
  • This would only be acceptable were this bear-broseph to have a live counterpart to scare the bajeesus out of on-campus passers by. I nominate the newly vacant lot which once held the Chi Psi house (that was bulldozed a few weeks ago, no?) or the Tad Pad once it caves in on itself in, oh, a few weeks.
  • Either this, or (preferably) this guy's live counterpart (which for reals needs to happen) should be named Old Ben. If you don't get why, you're a bad Rebel.



  • See, I told y'all this wasn't going to be as "shitty" or "faggy" or "shitfaggy" as many of you or our detractors said it would be.
  • Why won't you look at me in the eyes, Hotty Toddy?
  • Steroids are so last decade.
  • This may be too ambiguous or just ambiguous enough, depending on what you're going for.
  • And this final point applies to all of the above: I love the concept of separate Grove attire for the varying mascots. Nice touch, Mascot committee.

These mascot renderings provided the students in the mascot selection committee, as well as whoever drew them up, an opportunity to really just ruin the whole process. At first glance, it doesn't appear that they've done that. Honestly, while I have mixed feelings about all of them, there's not one on the list that would just devastate me were he, she, or it to become our mascot. I think that these three options will provide the Ole Miss community with a good opportunity to choose a mascot that may, in the end, turn out to be better than anyone had expected.

Alright, nothing more. We wanna hear from y'all. Go for it. (And, for the last damned time: the name "Rebels" isn't going to be changed. The first person who says "IT AIN'T GONNA MAKE NO DAMN SENSE FOR US 2 BE TEH 'LANDSHARKS'!1" is banned.)