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Rebel Roundup - October 4, 2010

Ole Miss vs. Kentucky: Postmortem | A Sea Of Blue
Glenn Logan breaks down the Wildcat's recent loss to our Rebels and comes up with conclusions similar to the ones I reached in our Postgame: Ole Miss played opportunistically, and won as a result.  

Line of Credit: Confidence Up Front Helps Rebels | Veazey
From the Clarion-Ledger's post game,

"We found something that's working for us right now," said tailback Brandon Bolden, referring to the Rebels' new-look offensive line. "We're just going to have to keep rolling with it."

It's surprising, but it's working well enough. The recently shuffled line is young, inexperienced, and perhaps a tad undersized, but it's actually effective enough for us to score.

Rebels Add Four More to the Injury List | More Veaze
Negative squeeze Veaze here reporting on all of the injuries. The Rebs suffered three concussions and a stinger from Saturday's game so, don't worry, they'll all be back soon.

Volleyball Sweeps Kentucky, 3-0 | The DM
Hell yeah Kentucky! BOOM! Volleyball took it to y'all as well, Mildcats! Domination, thy name is Rebel.

Panty Thief is in Custody | Commercial Appeal
The long sought-after Ole Miss panty bandit (pandit for short) has been aprehended. The investigation is pending but police think they've found the guy. So women of Oxford/University/Lafayette County, fear for the safety of your underwear no longer.