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I am absolutely despondent that I cannot be in Oxford this weekend. We've got Halloween costumes, MGMT blasting the doors off of the Lyric, Red Tent Rebellion (with Abner's, bratwursts, bourbon, and all other types of vittles and libations), Koban's gumbo WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD BE VOTING FOR HERE, the number one team in the BCS standings featuring their Heisman contendor on upset alert, ESPN, a first ever 3D show on the Powetron at halftime, Jeremiah Masoli, Houston Nutt, and potential super secret throwback uniforms.

So despite the numerous Halloween parties I'll be going to on my end and the neat opportunity to attend the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally/March to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, I'm still really jealous of everyone who'll be in Oxford.

This is gonna be a wacky weekend; kinda like that picture up there. So comment way. Spread rumors and speculate and talk about your plans for the weekend. Talk about nothing. Share YouTube videos. Just do whatever. We'll have a gamethread tomorrow.