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Ole Miss-Auburn: Can Rebels knock out #2 to beat #1?

As fans, or fanatics, it is our responsibility to think irrationally and unreasonably positive about any aspect of our team.

"We can still turn it around!"

"Beat #1 for the 4th week in a row!"


Yeah, I'm sure you've all said it this week. I know I have, as a resident of Alabama, tried to represent Ole Miss in the best light possible. A few plays here and there in our losses, and we would have won the game or could have won the game.

Auburn brings the #1 ranking, an indestructible robot QB and a wiley offensive coordinator into Oxford this weekend.

If we're going to win, there's three simple keys to victory.

1.) Take Cam Newton out of the game. Like Malcolm X said, "By any means necessary." I'm above cheering for a player to get injured, honestly, but I can't say I wouldn't be a little giddy if Newton had to sit out the game after a sack on the first play of the game. Quick, name another QB option for Auburn...Neil Caudle? Kodi Burns maybe? Shit, they might just put Onterrio McCalebb or Michael Dyer in and run the WiLdTigEr all day, which brings me to my next point.

2.) Stack the box with 8 men and make Auburn beat you with the pass. Ever play NCAA Football on XBox? Of course, you do. Let's go with a 4-4 defense and blitz at least three linebackers every play. Maybe just blitz all 11. Auburn doesn't have great receivers(remember Ben Obamanu?). I'm just saying, we're's time to pull out all the crazy plays that the old people sitting in the expensive seats hate. I mean, it's not like our pass defense is that good to begin with, it is LAST in the SEC.

3.) Hire Gus Malzahn. What? He's the offensive coordinator for Auburn? Well, lets pass some KFC buckets at halftime and get together a collection to hire him as our OC for the second half. I have no doubt Masoli would put up 400 yards in one half with Malzahn calling plays. Bring your wallets people.

Are these three things improbable? Yes, well, maybe except the first one. Does that mean we're going to lose? Yes.

Sorry, I just can't pick one of the worst scoring defenses in the country to stop one of the best offensive threats in college football in the last 10 years.

That doesn't mean I won't lose my voice screaming at the game, and you should too. Yell O like Ole Forty said to. Come by the Red Tent Rebellion. We'll all be talking about a possible upset before the game, I guarantee.

Prediction: Auburn by 17