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Filed under: and Facebook Contest-ish Thing!

Holly Anderson, a writer for EDSBS and SBNation's college football editor has charged us Rebels, along with a handful of other fan bases, with determining which of Saturday's games will be the final featured game over at the "dot com," or SBNation's homepage.

Speaking of which, you do check to keep abrest of the goings on in the sporting universe, don't you? Good.

Naturally, Holly et al have got their sights set on Oregon vs. USC, Michigan State vs. Iowa, and other games of national import, but when it came down to whittling Saturday's slate into just a handful of games deserving dot com coverage space, they were left with three games of debatably equal intrigue:

  • Auburn vs. Ole MIss
  • Baylor vs. Texas
  • Michigan vs. Penn State

The BCS number one, an Auburn team which has had some trouble on the road this season, comes to Houton Nutt's funhouse to play one of the conference's most prolific offenses. Robert Griffin III, fresh off of slashing Kansas State for something like fourteen-thousand yards, brings his Baylor Bears to Austin to face a struggling Longhorns squad. And Denard Robinson, Rich Rodriguez, and the Michigan Wolverines enter hostile Beaver Stadium to hopefully knock off the Nittany Lions and restore some of the luster their season has lost over the last couple of weeks.

Simply, there's some good, interesting football being played this Saturday but, unfortunately, the dot com's only got room for so much. So how will our editors decide amongst these three games as to which is more worthy of featured space? A Facebook likin' contest, duh.

Here's what you need to do: visit Click "Like" to become a fan if you're not already, and then vote for Ole Miss in the poll you should see on the page. Direct link to the poll is right HERE. Voting does require the use of Facebook's "Poll" app, but it can't be any more annoying than Farmville or Zombie/Pirate Orgy or whatever stupid games your idiot friends annoy you with.

So do it. Do it for Ole Miss. Do it for Red Cup Rebellion. Do it for Houston Nutt (or not, that's cool). Do it for the SEC. Do it.