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Rebel Roundup - October, 27 2010

I am your god, Greater Auburn-Opelika Micropolitan Area.
I am your god, Greater Auburn-Opelika Micropolitan Area.

Could Ole Miss Knock Off Auburn? | Team Speed Kills
So you're saying there's a chance?! Well, no, not really. While being the BCS #1 has been a bit of a curse as of late, and despite this game sharing a few characteristics with the previous three weeks' #1-ranked upset specials, Year2 points out our tackling woes and blocking issues up front as evidence of the unlikeliness of a Rebel victory. Still though, one's gotta hope, right?

Scott recalls freak incident | The Clarion-Ledger
Everyone should recall Zac Etheridge's freak neck injury he sustained against the Rebels last year, after which he laid motionless atop an equally motionless Rodney Scott for nearly 20 minutes.

Scott earned a Southeastern Conference sportsmanship award back in the summer for his act that day - which, on Tuesday, he described like this: "I just stayed still for about 20 minutes, just looking in the sky."

Thankfully, Zac's better now, and has actually performed pretty well this season in the Auburn secondary.


SEC Power Poll, Week 8: Westerns | Team Speed Kills
Holdin' down that number 10 spot, y'all.

Diamond Rebs Start Red-Blue World Series Wednesday |
According to the corproate headquarters, this series' official title is the "Red-Blue World Series/Pizza Bowl." Yeah, the Pizza Bowl. What, does everyone get a free trip to Mazzio's afterwards?

Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook Off | VOTE SOME MORE
Here are the still unupdated results for the cookoff challenge thing as well as the twelve different recipes in the competition. You should watch the videos on the middle-right of the screen where you can see Tony Chachere's attractive enough "chef" whip together the recipes one by one and, as she does, follow along with her commentary. Listen to her describe Koban's dish - which you should all be voting for - as "intense," while slightly condescendingly ragging the State dish as being "great for the kids(!)" which, per my loose translation, is chef speak for "really, it takes like 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes to cook, so even if you're missing a few fingers and are recovering from a lobotomy, you should be able to handle this dish pretty well." Rembmer, a vote for Koban is a vote for both Ole Miss and good traditional Southern cuisine. DO IT.