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Rebel Roundup - October 26, 2010

SEC Football Week 8 Topics for Discussion | Team Speed Kills
Your topics for discussion over at Team Speed Kills are, amongst others, "Is Cam Newton the Heisman Trophy winner," "Does Georgia have a chance in the East," and "Which of these teams will maek bowl games: Ole Miss, Vanderbilt [or] Tennessee?" Tragically left out of the discussion is "omg wut is your costume gonna be 4 teh weekend?!"

Rebs need fantastic stretch run just like '08 | Veazey
In 2008, the Rebels earned a Cotton Bowl berth. We'll be lucky to end up in the LIberty Bowl this season.

Masoli thankful for shot: Transfer QB bright spot for Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal

"It has been great," said Masoli, who is sixth in the SEC in total offense, averaging 237.1 yards per game after ranking fourth in the Pac-10 last year averaging 234.6.

Statistically speaking, Masoli has been for us what he was for Oregon. Unfortunately, we don't have the offensive playmakers or relative defensive prowess of the Ducks, so he's just sorta out there languishing. It almost makes you feel bad for the guy.


Warren has responsibilities at Ole Miss | The Dispatch
What types of responsibilities? Why, all types! He's got to go to class and do his homework and get his shirts dry cleaned and handle his car payments and, oh yeah, hopefully (fingers crossed real hard here) lead his Rebels to an NCAA berth. Also, here's a fun fact:

Warren is closing in on 2,000 points and 400 assists for his career and could join Pete Maravich and Alan Houston as the only Southeastern Conference players to achieve those numbers.