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SEC Power Poll Ballot

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Do me a solid and tell me where I went wrong. 

  1. Auburn - The bigger they are, the harder they fall, amirite?! /no /auburnwillslaughterus
  2. Alabama - If there are two bigger groups of temporary, pseudo-Rebel fans for the weekend than Alabama and...
  3. LSU - ...LSU fans, I'd like to see 'em. As it stands now, a win over Auburn doesn't help anyone but Boise State and Oregon, but it would make the SEC even more interesting.
  4. South Carolina - We're, what, seven or eight weeks in, and South Carolina still holds the lead in the SEC East?  
  5. Arkansas - Tyler Wilson could likely start at half the schools in the SEC.
  6. State - Bowl eligible for the second time this decade. Congratulations, Bulldogs.
  7. Georgia - The Classic City Canines are slowly but measuredly crawling their way up these here rankings. 
  8. Florida - This will be perhaps the least (or most, I suppose) intriguing World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in recent memory. 
  9. Kentucky - The Wildcats should end their losing streak against the Vols this season, so that's exciting.
  10. Ole Miss - Ole Miss, per the ususal, is starting to figure itself out halfway through the season. It won't matter much against Cameron Newton, though. 
  11. Vanderbilt - Their two wins? Eastern Michigan and Ole Miss. /shitthat'sdepressing'd
  12. Tennessee - The Vols could legitimately go winless in the SEC this year... is what I'd say if our Rebels weren't on their schedule. Hey-o.