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Rebel Roundup - October 21, 2010

Melvin Harris has been an offensive mainstay this season.
Melvin Harris has been an offensive mainstay this season.

Check out the MP3 and listen to Ivory Tower and I stumble through 10 minutes of show or so (OneMan's wackiness is the grease to the RCRadio engine, it seems) before welcoming to guest callers from the Natural State to talk the upcoming matchup. No, they weren't Razorback fans, and therefore weren't able to give us any of the wackiness we've grown to love, but they were damn good guests nonetheless.

Rebels Hope to Rattle Mallett |
"We're gonna go all James Harrison on that B. You know?" -Ted Laurent #notreally #concussionjokes

Still Plenty of Spice to the Ole Miss v. Arkansas Rivalry | Washington Post
Coach Nutt here, doing his best Ryan Mallett impression:

But I'm sure there are a few people that naturally want to see Houston Nutt beat.

It's more than "a few," coach.

Masoli Enjoys The South but Remains an Oregon Fan | Portland Tribune
Lost in all of this, I worry, is what Masoli has been for our program. I'm not talking about his football skills or physical abilities, but rather the mental stability he has shown and afforded. This was a guy who, less than a year ago, was a starting quarterback in the Rose Bowl. Now he's on a 3-3, typically underachieving Ole Miss squad a couple thousand miles from home. Despite that, though, dude seems happy and focused which, truly, is tremendous.

SEC Football Mid-Season Superlatives | TeamSpeedKills 
While nary a mention of Ole Miss is made beyond that link, it's still an excellent look at what we've seen so far in the Southeastern Conference.