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A Look At The Numbers on World Statistics Day

Did you know that today was World Statistics Day? Neither did I. But someone mentioned it on the Tweet machines and, would you look at that, it falls right in the middle of our Rebel football season. That being so, I figured I'd venture over to and take a look at the numbers. I plucked out ones which I found interesting, noteworthy, or particularly telling of anything.

See if you can get anything out of these bits of tid.

  • The Rebels are 4th in the conference in scoring offense at 32.7 ppg. Naturally, Auburn and their 65-point-performance against Arkansas takes the lead in that category.
  • The painful yin to that just-above-mediocre yang, though, is that the Rebels are last in scoring defense at 31 ppg. Sheesh.
  • The Rebels are 2nd in rushing offense with 215.5 ypg. Only Auburn, State, and Ole Miss average over 200 yards a game on the ground. Alabama, u mad? Yeah, u mad. (No, not really, you're not.)
  • Ole Miss is a mediocre 6thin rushing defense with 113.4 ypg but, Arkansas, our Saturday opponent, is 10th. (Only LSU allows fewer than 100 rushing yards per game.) The coaches better exploit that as best they can this weekend, because Arkansas's going to exploit our...
  • 10th ranked pass defense (242 ypg) and 11th ranked pass efficiency defense (OM's opposing quarterbacks average a 143.6 rating). We're still last in the conference with only one pick, if you were at all curious as to how much deeper the rabbit hole of secondary ineptitude goes.
  • Our passing offense is a big load of fail too (STILL LOOKIN' AT YOU MARKEITH) at 10th with 177.8 ypg.
  • Masoli is a paltry 9thin passing yards per game with 155.5, but 7thin total offense with 205.8 ypg.
  • Brandon Boldenis 4thin the SEC in rushing yards per game with 91.7. Only Cam Newton has more than 100ypg (122.9).
  • But here's an interesting twist for the better: the Rebs lead the SEC in punt return average with 21.4 ypr and a touchdown (we love you, Jesse Grandy).
  • The Rebel D is 4thin the SEC in sacks with 17 while, counter-intuitively enough, the rebel OL is the...
  • best in the SEC in sacks allowed with 6. Of course, Jeremiah Masoli's elusiveness has more to do with this than the abilities of our offensive linemen.
  • Jonathan Cornellis top 10 in tackles (45), sacks (3), and tackles for a loss (8). He and D.T. Shackleford have been excellent mikes for us.
  • And, finally, Marcus Temple's two fumble recoveries are tops in the league. Bet you didn't see that one coming.