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This should be a fun one. No introduction is needed, but I'm certain more out of us is to come. Have fun and HATE ON HATERS.

ADDENDUM: Here are my thoughts on Arkansas, whether you like them or not. I'm fine with the Natural State. I'm fine with the Ozarks and their share of the Mississippi Delta. I'm fine with Arkansas' native children (Johnny Cash, FTW). I'm even fine with the Arkansas Razorbacks as a football program. Y'see, before a few years ago, Arkansas was the team in the SEC West with which I had the least bit of a problem. I was, at worst, ambivalent towards the Razorbacks. I was even a vocal fan of Darren McFadden after watching him rip our Rebels to shreds in back-to-back-to-back seasons.

And then we fired Ed Orgeron to hire Houston Nutt and shit got wacky. I don't need to elaborate to any Rebel or Razorback what kind of nonsensical idiocy went down but, suffice it to say that now, my (and surely our) feelings towards Arkansas have evolved from an ambivalence to an extreme annoyance. Arkansas, we don't hate you. We don't really hate Ryan Mallett - even though he's tackier and goofier than fuck. We don't hate Fayetteville and, unless any of us are Falcons fans, we don't even really hate Bobby Petrino that much. We just think your fans are an annoying and childish lot who think that e-bullying other grownups because they banged a weather lady and called Gus Malzhan a doodiehead is cool. So irritatingly shitty have y'all been, that, really, we get amped up over this game only out of sheer spite. Before a few years ago, the Arkansas game was, to most Rebels, no more important than any other SEC matchup. Now, it's somewhat personal, and that's because y'all prodded us into this.

I would imagine that this is what most Arkansas fans would want, but this week of the year has become one of the ones I look forward to the least. The inane, poorly-spelled, frustrating drivel we're going to have to continuously purge from our comments threads will be annoying, and the overal distraction from actual football itself their fans so generously provide us with won't be anything beyond an 8th-grade reading level; but I guess all of that will make a potential victory that much more enjoyable.