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Rebel Roundup - October 18, 2010

Darius Hanks TO THA <em>GROUUUND</em>!

Initial Impressions from the Ole Miss Game | Roll 'Bama Roll
Fair warning: reading this will only frustrate you knowing that, yes, we had a great shot at Saturday's game before shooting ourselves in the foot a dozen times. As OTS at RBR points out, Bama had some slip-ups as well, and as I have pointed out, the Tide is the superior team; but I'm still bugged to hell about Saturday because I know we very much could have won that game had our offense showed up alongside our defense.

Nutt: Clair out, refs on the spot | Veazey for Sheezey
Logan Clair has a chipped ankle bone thing deal going on and should miss "probably four or five weeks." Sheesh, as if our offensive line hasn't suffered enough already. Soon, they're gonna have to get random fatass Oxonians out there to fill in at guard spots soon enough. Any intramural studs out there? Former MPSA - or whatever it's called nowadays - standouts stuffing their faces with tater tots at the Sigma Nu house? DJ Mario?

Slow death of Chief Illiniwek signals lingering insensitivity | The Daily Illini
Here's a well written piece from The Daily Illini, the Univeristy of Illinois' student newspaper, which compares our issues with Colonel Reb to their issues with Chief Illiwinek. For those who are too sheltered or unobservant to know, The University of Illinois recently said adieu to their controversial mascot, a bare-footed white guy dressed up like an Illini tribesman (I dunno, looks Sioux to me) and was famous for his halftime dances he would do during Illinois basketball games. So, there's the last nail in the self-centered "Ole Miss is being singled out because everybody hates us" narrative's coffin, I hope. And truly, this situation in Illinois mirrors the Colonel Reb removal and ensuing debate better than any other that I can think of, making the observations and arguments of this column's author that much more poignant and valid.

Volleyball: Tigers swept by Ole Miss on Friday | The Daily Reveille
Whooooo! GeAuX tO hElL LSU!!!!! Volleyball y'all YEAH BUMP SET SPIZZIKE!

BCS Standings Released |
Oklahoma's the surprise number one, despite the projections that Boise State would take the lead. The whole damned system is wacky, and I do feel that Boise is a talented, well-coached team (I have actually seen them play in person this season, mind you), but I just can't get all "OMG GRRR BCS OUTRAGE" on this right now.