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SEC Power Poll Ballot

Cam Newton for Heisman.
Cam Newton for Heisman.

This season, there's more parity than there has been in the SEC in a very long while which, while certainly great for Saturday entertainment, is nothing but complicating for Power Rankin'. So I expect some disagreement here, but that's fine discussion fodder, don't you think?

  1. Auburn - Perfect and convincingly so.
  2. LSU - Also perfect, but not so convincingly so. The LSU defense is perhaps the conference's best, though.
  3. Alabama - They've still got a very legitimate shot of muscling their way into Atlanta over both of the hated Tigers.
  4. South Carolina - I still feel that SC is the team to beat in the SEC East.
  5. Arkansas - Giving up 65 to Auburn is worse than losing a last-second nail-biter to Kentucky, I'm afraid.
  6. Mississippi State - One thing that Dan Mullen doesn't do is force his players to do things they're not very good at. Case in point, Chris Relf had nine pass attempts against Florida.
  7. Kentucky - Is there a more dynamic guy out there than Randall Cobb?
  8. Florida - The Gators can neither stop nor establish the run.
  9. Georgia - Somebody's excited to have AJ Green back.
  10. Ole Miss - The defense actually decided to join the rest of the team this last week.
  11. Vanderbilt - Bad (once again: I'm sick of losing to bad Vandy teams).
  12. Tennessee - Worse.