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Rebel Roundup - October 15, 2010

Jeremiah Mercenary: Quarterback, Ole Miss Answer Eachothers Needs |
If you listened to Red Cup Radio on Wednesday, you'd know that Ross from Portland, Oregon, the most enthused Jeremiah Masoli and now Ole Miss Rebel fan ever, could easily tell you of the abilities Masoli brings to the table for our Rebels. We know he's good and have known for a little while, despite our early skepticism. But now even Nick Saban's is taking notice.

He makes plays throwing off of scrambling. He is probably the best combination guy that we've seen for a while around here in terms of his ability to run the ball, make plays with his feet, and you've got to have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a passer, too.

High praise from an excellent coach.

Trial By Fire Awaits Frosh Center | Veazey
Our team has recovered somewhat well from injury over the past two weeks, but AJ Hawkins is still nursing an injured shoulder. That means that Alabama native Evan Swindall will earn the start on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. Good luck, Evan, you'll probably need it.

Tide Looks to Fix the Basics in Practice | Anniston Star
Let's hope that the "basics" don't include Julio Jones' broken hand.

Some College Football Midseason Predictions | Team Speed Kills
Somewhat serious and mostly humorous, this is a decently entertaining enough read to calm us all down and get our minds off of whatever it is that is bothering us Rebels right now.