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Rebel Roundup - October 14, 2010

Radio, Radio, Radio
This bloggeur is in high demand. I spent some time yesterday on Richard Cross' Sports Talk (I can't find an MP3 or a podcast or such for that show but, admittedly, I haven't been looking very hard) talking Rebel football before hosting a special early edition of Red Cup Radio featuring Todd of Roll Bama Roll as a guest of honor (MP3). Also of note, special spontaneous guest "Ross" of Portland, Oregon joined us to talk about Jeremiah Masoli, his footballin', and the controversy surrounding his name in the Pacific Norhtwest. Immeditaely thereafter, I returned the favor on the RBR Hour-ish (MP3) and withstood their harsh interrogation. So, if you weren't a part of yesterday's festivities and have nothing (or something, that's fine too) to do this morning, you've now got a couple of poorly recorded hours of sports talk to listen to.

SEC Matchup: Ole Miss vs. No. 8 |
Here's something interesting: Ole Miss has a winning streak against #8 ranked teams. LSU was ranked #8 last year before losing in Oxford, Texas Tech was ranked #8 before the 2009 Cotton Bowl, and LSU was ranked #8 in 1997 when the rebels won 36-21.

Ole Miss’ Bolden was close to signing with UA |
Brandon Bolden, after learning that LSU wanted him to play defense, narrowed his choices down to Ole Miss and Alabama. About that time, Alabama earned Mark Ingram's commitment, closed themselves off from other potential Crimson Tide halfbacks, and turned Brandon Bolden towards Oxford.

Former President Bill Clinton to visit Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
As suggested on the Twitters, as a philandering Southern lawyer, Bill Clinton would be as good a mascot option as any we've had thus far. And, students, skip class and go check this out. I don't care what your parents told you about Clinton, nor do I care if you think you like the guy or not, you're not going to get many opportunities to see Presidents - current, former, or future - speak, so do yourselves a favor.